New shoes!!

Okay, I don't actually have them yet.  A friend of mine reminded me of Zappos and as I was doing some imsoniac net surfing last night, I decided to see what they had in my size.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the selection and I came across these:

Softspots Ivy

I'm supposed to get them in the mail, probably by the end of the week, as I went for the free option.  I'm really hoping they actually fit because I'm in love with the style.  I would have liked it better if I could have gotten them in black as most of my work outfits look better with a black shoe, but hey, I'll take what I can get.  Even better is that they fit into my budget for this pay period.  I don't have much left for other stuff, but that's okay.  Sometimes a girl just needs a fun and funky pair of shoes.  Now, next question, for those who wear Dansko's…how wide do they run?  I mean, I wear a 12 W women's.  They only run up to 42 in the women's styles, which they say is a 12.  I've got a pretty broad foot, but if the style runs wide, I can sometimes get away with a plain old 12.  So…opinions…  

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6 Responses to New shoes!!

  1. zombie a says:

    very very cute!! I don't know how wide Danskos run though, but I would think not too narrow, as they are generally fairly boxy shoes. the other trick is that you want a bit of heel movement in the shoe. kind of an odd feeling at first, but then you get so used to it that other shoes feel confining.

  2. ayanna says:

    i wear danskos — my mary-jane ones can accomodate my wide foot (narrow heel) and monster orthodics, so they must be good, 🙂 i can't wear the normal danskos with the orthodics, since they are so thick, that the shoe cuts off the blood along the top of my foot. so there ya go…

  3. Hee!! I love the UPS tracking feature on orders. Estimated
    delivery date is tomorrow! I called the Nordstrom's by work
    tonight to see if they carry Dansko's in 12 so that I could possibly
    try them on, but sadness ensued as they don't.

  4. I want! I want! so cute!

  5. Alie says:

    I don't know about Danskos 'cause I've never had a pair, but I'm an 11W and I can give you a good idea what you'd wear if you ever want a pair of Taryn Rose shoes.

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