QotD: All My Pets

How many pets have you owned in your lifetime? Tell us about them.
Submitted by jennajellopy.vox.com.

Well, we only really had three pets.  Goldie the goldfish who lived for-fucking ever.  Seriously, I have no idea how long we had him, her, but it was years and typically those carnival fish rarely lasted more than a week in our house.  Other fish passed through our lives, but Goldie was the only one we bothered to name.

Then came Domino.  Or, as my brothers sometimes like to refer to him, Dominuts.  That dog was smart, crazy smart.  Okay, psychopathic smart.  He lived with us for two years.  Broke the leash one time too many and chased a car the wrong way.

About six months after Domino died, Kelly joined our household.  She was somewhere between six months and a year old and had already been passed from household to household a couple of times.  Very well behaved, but she was phobic about water.  A yellow lab phobic about water.  Think about it.  She used to walk the perimeter of where sprinkers were going when we walked her.  I once, only once, saw her purposely walk through a stream of water and it was extremely hot that day.  If dogs acted like humans, she furtively looked around to see if anyone saw her after she did that.  We had to put her to sleep earlier this year a week after my grandmother died.  It still hurts because Kelly was the 6th child.  So much so that I learned to answer to the name as my mom would mix us up.  Here's one of the last photos I took of her:

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One Response to QotD: All My Pets

  1. LynBlue says:

    My mother used to mix me up with the last dog we had, so I'd answer to "Girl". I figured that would stop when we got Stitch but.. .apparently not!

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